Solving the puzzle

So wird das Rätsel von Leuten gelöst, die schon wissen, dass es 3 Kabinen gibt und sie gezielt ansteuern:

1: hier ist christoph
2: hello!
3: Hier Freddy
3: Ich sehe Sara
1: christoph can see freddy
3: Freddy sees Sara
3: Can read Christoph
1: who is hello?
3: not freddy
2: i see christoph!
3: can anybody see what i write?
2: i can read freddie
1: sara sees christoph and c sees freddy
3: ah, ok, but who can read whom?
3: Sara, please raise your hand
2: well, what do we do now?
3: ah, works :)
3: But I cant read what Sara writes...
1: who reads this?
3: Freddy does
2: who are you talking to christoph?
1: this is christoph
3: Ok, then Freddy can only read what Chris writes
2: who can read me?
3: Maybe chris can only read what Sara writes?
1: nice u can see m e?
2: (srar)
1: i can read you
3: Freddy sees Sara, reads Chris
2: no wriong: sarea)
3: Ok, you both can read me, but only Chris sees me
1: chris reads sara
1: freddy?
3: Yes
3: Maybe we start with our initial at the beginning?
3: F:
1: who do u see
2: sasara sees chris but who can i read?
3: F: I see Sara
3: F: People here think we are crazy ;)
1: chris sees freddy and reads sara
3: F: Ok ;)
2: S: who can read me?
3: F: So, if I want to tell something to Chris, Sara
3: must relay it ;)
2: what is christoph writing freddie?
3: F: Or I have to use sign language to Chris
1: ssara wants to know who can read her: its chris
1: tell her
3: F: I can read Sara too!
3: Chris can read Sara
1: sara asks freddy what chris is writing. but its
1: chris who reads sara
2: f says i have to give you messages c, or he has to uu
3: F: Freddy and Chris both read Sara
1: yes fredd i got ur msg thru sara.
1: its going in a circle
2: S: when you read this wave!
3: I just found someone lying behind me!
3: Someone was sleeping in my booth ;)
2: or tpe yes!
3: But I cant read Chris
1: chris sees freddy and freddy reads chris, right?`
3: No, Chris please write something!
3: I only read Sara, I think
1: type "yes" to sara from christoph
3: yes
3: ok, freddy reads chris.
2: so c casn read me?
3: Sara, please write that Chris should type yes
1: nod your head when u read this or type "nod nod"
3: nod nod
1: no sara, i (chris) cannot see u, only read u!
2: i can o think!
3: sara, chris cannot see you, just read you
3: Freddy can see you, but not read you
1: yes, c can read s and see f. (pass this on)
3: Freddy sees Sara, Sara sees Chris, Chris sees Freddy
2: s: c you have to write to f
3: C can read s, s can read f, f can read c
1: we have to pass all msgs on to the next
3: we have to pass all msgs on to the next
1: sara says i should write to f. butwhat?
3: chris says" I should write to F, but what?"
2: saras keyboard is extremely slow!
3: Lets just relay all messages and start each with init
3: initial. Pass this on
1: visual communication chain is going the other way
1: around
2: thats what you should write!
1: saras keyboard is extremely slow
1: (says sara)
3: F: Chris acknowledges that Saras keyboard
3: is very slow
1: chris saw f make a silly face
3: C: Saw f make a silly face
1: are u tired freddy?
3: c: are u tired, freddy?
3: F: a little bit
1: you can just nodd intothecamera
1: cool it works!
2: S: F says to start all msgs with initials and rela
1: C->F->: yes, and pass on each msg that's not for u
2: S: freddie is a little bit tired
1: C->S: yes, i could see that on my screen
3: C->S: yes, I could see that on my screen
2: pass this round: should we check the games?
1: s->c->f: should we check the games? c: ok!
3: s->c->f-> should we check the games?C,F:OK
2: S to F: who is sleeping in your box?
1: c->f: there is a mirror behind u but i
1: can hardly see the screen
1: S->F: who is sleeping in your box?
2: ok we go now to the games!!
3: F->S: No one anymore, he just left ;)
1: s->all: ok we go tothe games

    Und jetzt nochmal für alle:

1 sieht und schreibt 2 und bekommt den Text von 3
2 sieht und schreibt 3 und bekommt den Text von 1
3 sieht und schreibt 1 und bekommt den Text von 2

anders gesagt:

Bildinformation: 3 -> 2 -> 1
Textinformation: 1 -> 2 -> 3

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